During my pregnancy I realised that the supply of riding breeches for riding pregnant women was limited. I tried everything from training pants to leggings, but the grip in the saddle and the support for my belly was absent. While Googling for foreign options I also realised that there were many in the same situation, they had the same problem finding something to  wear as I had. After talking to my mom who also experienced the same problem when she expected me we decided to take a grip of the market and design the perfect fitted riding breeches for the growing pregnancy body. During the development of the product I was the perfect test pilot as we could follow my pregnancy week after week to develop the characteristics for the perfect breeches. Luckily I had a lot of friends in the same situation, so a hand full of people could join us in developing the ultimate ridning breeches for your growing pregnancy body. Not only did we want them to be functional and comfy, but also have two more characteristics. First of all good looking, and second, you might not want to disclose your pregnancy in the beginning, therefor the belly fabric is put inside of the waistband so the pants looks just like any other riding breeches by the waistline with a fake button and belt straps. 

The product is so comfy that you could were it at home during movie nights and after your pregnancy you would never like to go back to your regular riding breeches!